HALLOWEEN IS COMING BACK TO DETROIT!!! On Friday May 10th 2019 at Detroit’s Tangent Gallery comes the 4th annual:

Monster Boolesque

The tricks and treats include:

  • A Halloween burlesque variety show starring Lushes Lamoan, Satori Circus, Mabel Syrup, Kitty Paige and the Amazing Flec
  • Costume contests for “MOST JANKY DIY” & “CROWD FAVE” with cash-ish prizes (seriously, show us your fabulous worst!)
  • An exhibition of Halloween art from local and out-state artists
  • A film festival of local and international independent short horror films
  • A room full of creepy merchants selling strange & odd merchandise
  • Halloween lounge music, animated UV decor, booze specials, cheap candy and haunted hijinks galore!

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Halfway2Halloween Monster Boolesque Spooktacular 4
Friday May 10 2019 – Tangent Gallery/Hastings Ballroom – Detroit