Short Horror Film Festival

Presenting the films and filmmakers showcased at Halfway2Halloween 3!

(Not yet in screening order – Begins at 9pm)

“Beyond Repair” – Robbie Barnes (2017 Ohio 8min)
Jorah’s late night stop to use the restroom will have you thinking twice about stopping at gas stations in small towns ever again.

“Bolex Vs Monster Film” – Kaixin Wang (2018 Canada 2min)
Film students’ nightmare.

“Cindy’s Birthday Party” – August Aguilar (2018 Philadelphia 6min)
Cindy and her Mother plan to have the best birthday party ever by inviting Jonas and friends to the basement for a surprise.

“Gorge” – Maxwell Seiler, Gabriel Francis (2017 USA 3min)
A woman enters the woods in search of something ancient and evil.

“Lookin’ Fer Luv” – Mel Buckner (2015 Michigan 1min)
A wandering zombie finds an unexpected gift while prowling the night…

“Meatloaf Zombie in a Box” – MCR/Electric Otto (2014 Michigan 1min)
Meatloaf Zombies. Found in Detroit. If you’re lucky, you just might catch one.

“Mongers” – Jim Valosik (2017 Tennessee 7min)
A lonely man stalks a family that may not be what they seem in this combative, chaotic horror hell-ride of hunting demons both inward and outward.

“Punkin Kids” – Harrison Schaeffer (2015 Michigan 1min)
Punk-ass punkins havin’ a good time

“Studded Nightmare” – Jean-Claude Leblanc (2016 Canada 9min)
When J.F. is inexplicably drawn to the chair in which a man committed suicide, style isn’t the only thing the leather antique brings to his home.

“The Rage” – Joshua Cleave (2017 United Kingdom 9min)
A scientist tries to escape a bio lab when a deadly rage virus is released.

“Those Who Dwell Within” – Mike Piccirillo (2018 California 6min)
An apprehensive priest visits a woman to help her with her sister.

“Windows to the Soul” – Andrew Small (2016 USA 4min)
This story is based on an actual paranormal phenomenon that has been reported over the last 20 years.

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Halfway2Halloween Monster Boolesque Spooktacular 3
Friday May 11th  2018 – 7p to 12a – $15 w/costume – $20 w/o – 18+
Tangent Gallery / Hastings Street Ballroom, 715 E Milwaukee, Detroit, MI

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